Student Report 2013 Pasadena StateoftheCity - Kandice Horton-Gomez, Marshall Fundamental High School

Pasadena Student

It was my honor to attend the Mayor’s State of the City Presentation. I retained new information and received an insight on what the Mayor’s plans are for this upcoming year. Mayor Bogaard stated “Pasadena is on track,” Pasadena is indeed on track. I was pleased to hear about the extension of the Gold line to Azusa and I am also pleased to hear that the Pasadena Unified School District and the City Council are collaborating together, to work on the School City Work Plan. Mayor Bogaard closed his speech with “we all have a role to play.” We do all have a role to play to make Pasadena the way we want it to be. I as youth have a job to as well the adults in our community to keep Pasadena on track.