Student Report 2013 Pasadena StateoftheCity - Rosa Batres, Pasadena High School

Pasadena Student

I cannot think of a more accurate theme for the State of the City event than "Celebrating Success" because that is what Pasadena is exactly about. To kick off the event the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) modeled the Curiosity Rover, starring as the main attraction while also posing as a motif for Pasadena's momentous achievements. The event began with a recap of 2012 triumphs for the city, which created an atmosphere of great pride and appreciation towards Pasadena's outstanding success. I was surprised to learn so much about our city's accomplishments from the recognition presented by Mayor Bogaard and Vice Mayor McAustin. It was great to hear about the increasing progress our city has made throughout the year.

Along with praise for JPLs' success to "Dare for Mighty Things", the event consisted of highlights of other successful departments of the city's government and events. From housing projects to civil service programs for young adults, the city has aided civilians through pension reforms while causing an economic development. As Mayor Bogaard stated, "We are on track and building better and safer communities". The cities investments foreshadow further civic improvements and future investments, which include renovating fire station 39, instituting a new city park and power equipment. However, Mayor Bogaard did not fail to acknowledge the residential issues and addressed them in a concerned and professional manor.

It is crucial for youths to know what is occurring in their city and I suggest for more youth groups to attend such events. It is an experience with much to learn concerning the city. I believe many youths could benefit from the Mayor's address just by becoming aware of the projects and progress of Pasadena, including many more groups opens opportunities for future improvements.