Student Report 2013 Pasadena StateoftheCity - Trinity Skinner, Pasadena High School

Pasadena Student

Going to the State of the City address was insightful, informative, and all around enlightening. As a graduating high school senior, I had never attended the event before, but I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity to see the progress city officials and employees made in 2012 and Mayor Bogaard’s plan for advancement in 2013.

The night started with viewing the model of the Mars Curiosity Rover and a captivating review of the success the Jet Propulsion Lab had this past year. Lieutenant General Eugene Tattini showed us all a compelling video, “7 Minuets of Terror,” which explained the difficulties of sending a rover to Mars. The Curiosity’s landing on Mars is the start of JPL making new discoveries and an inspirational part of American history as we continue to grow as a nation of explorers.

Then Mayor Bogaard began his yearly address under the theme of “Celebrating Success.” Pasadena has certainly celebrated success” in 2012. KPAS, the city government station, captured my attention with their informative video touring Pasadena. I learned that we, as a city, have added two new styles of buses to our city transit in order to lower pollution caused by automobiles. I also learned that the renovation of the Rose Bowl has caused and increase to our economic standing. The Rose Bowl renovations not only gave jobs to contractors and construction workers, but it also brought in new clients as the press boxes increased and the personal boxes became plusher. Pasadena has also increased its success by building affordable housing for elderly people and economically disadvantaged people. The new housing has brought several families back to Pasadena and has changed the social climate of the community. Learning about the advancements Pasadena has made in 2012 made me proud that our city was not happy with being mediocre, but that Pasadena’s leaders want to improve our city for residents and tourist.  The Mayor continued his address by stating his goals for 2013. He wanted to increase economy by bringing more businesses to Pasadena. He wants to improve parking and create more efficient recreational center to get students to stop the recent increase in violence. Mayor Bogaard mentioned that Pasadena City Council would be working with members in the Pasadena Unified School District to help schools become even better institutions of learning. I was slightly disappointed to hear that there were no specific plans already in the works.  

After meditating on the experience I received at the State of the City Address, I have gained new insight into the hard work Mayor Bogaard puts into his job. With the execution of Mayor Bogaard’s plan, Pasadena can be one of the greatest cities in the world. I have envisioned Pasadena the way Mayor Bogaard has dreamt it and it is a utopia that is not perfect but strives to be better for its constituents every day. “Celebrating Success” was an eventful experience that I will never forget.