Student Report 2012 Los Angeles StateoftheCity - Janetta Osborne, Los Angeles Senior HS

los angeles mayor

Representatives, government workers, handpicked high school students, and selected teachers all joined Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at Paramount Studios last month as he addressed the attendees with his new plans.

The current and 41st mayor serves his last term with a mission in mind. Although there were plenty of protesters outside of the location, supporters of our mayor wasted no time signing up and entering the theatre which was the location in which the speech was given.

Before Mayor Villaraigosa was introduced, a video was shown to the audience. The video disclosed his plans to bring jobs to Los Angeles, produce an efficient channel for renewable energy, and reform schools. He also hopes to increase the number of carpool lanes and double the amount of transits on the streets.

After the video and the presentation of the color guard, Villaraigosa walked down two isles and shook everyone’s hand to give a proper greeting to those who were either his partners or those who have never met him in person before, like the students and teachers.

After a round of applause from the audience, he restated what was in the video in greater detail. If Villaraigosa’s plans are a success, students will be able to go from downtown to USC to Santa Monica. This plan for transportation is called “Project Acceleration.”

The mayor stressed his opinion on collaboration. He wanted everyone to understand the importance of teamwork. He feels that people have to work together in order to get the job done. “One day we all come together,” he said.

So far, the mayor has made sure that he replaced the use of diesel with natural gas. Also, he brought up the “Measure R” plan that was put on the ballot in 2008. Albeit this plan to extend transits was not a success, he wants to ask voters to approve an “indefinite extension.”

His devotion to natural energy is notable and now he plans on building 30 years of transit in two years time. This plan is called the 3-10 Plan.

“I say that we don’t have a moment to lose… look forward not back… we don’t have a moment to lose,” Villaraigosa said.

The mayor also plans to build 12 rail and bus lines and link West LA to Long Beach to LAX. With the Measure R plan, he hopes to have a mass transit similar to the vast subway transportation lines in Wilshire in Mid-City LA.

The production of buses feeds into the production of jobs and healthier and efficient energy. He wants people out of cars and people onto the “clean” buses.

Other than buses, the mayor plans on building up LAX as well. He is going to put 4 billion dollars into the airport so his “Angelinos” (people who inhabit Los Angeles) will be able to “travel in style.”

He also touched upon local industries; he does not want the local businesses to be liable for a business tax because businesses create jobs and with taxes they are harder to sustain.

Other than businesses, the mayor spoke of high schools and their API scores. He said the majority of the scores increased.

“We will think big, and we will be bold!”