San Diego, California StateoftheCity Student Report January 11, 2012

When my father and I arrived at the Balboa Theatre in beautiful San Diego, I was filled with anticipation and excitement thinking about what the evening would hold. We had arrived early, but there was still a crowd of people waiting to enter the building. A little while after I found my seat, honorable Tony Young welcomed everyone and addressed a few important guests in the Theatre. One of these guests included Representative Susan B. Davis, who I had met and conversed with in Washington D.C. last year inside the Capitol. Being surrounded by these important political figures in our city brought feelings of empowerment and importance. After his introduction and National Anthem, sung by the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, the lights began to dim, and a screen cascaded down from the stage. A short video was played, displaying how San Diego is now and how it will be in the future, according to Mayor Sanders’ plans. The Plaza De Panama and expanded Convention Center were just a few of the many exciting transformations Mayor Sanders has planned.

After the video, there were cheers and applause from everyone in the audience. These attendees were extremely supportive of what the Mayor had planned, and it made for a positive, thrilling atmosphere. All of a sudden, there was a familiar dinging of bells. I instantly recognized the song as Hells Bells by ACDC, which brought back memories of Padre Games when our star pitcher Trevor Hoffman would exit the dugout and walk to the pitcher’s mound, ready to save the game. When this relief pitcher approached the mound, Padre Fans knew the game would be won. Just like Trevor Hoffman, Mayor Sanders came to San Diego’s rescue with plans to decrease the deficit and make San Diego a more desirable location for both residents and tourists.

When Mayor Sanders began his address, he spoke about the achievements made in the Pension and Retiree Healthcare reform. He addressed the Healthcare and Pension reform with news of a great success unimaginable to others who were in a similar deficit predicament San Diego was in. He also addressed the Structural deficit, and with hard work and careful planning by Mayor Sanders, the project budget deficit this year is merely a fraction of the cost in comparison to previous years. He proposed his 5 year plan which includes a solution to the structural deficit issue. He made it apparent that it isn’t only he who is making changes happen, it is the community of San Diego as a whole.

Technology has become a dominant factor in today’s world, and Mayor Sanders tackles this aspect with full force by proposing the At&t San Diego Apps Challenge. This challenge he says will attract the finest minds of the region to develop an app to make government resources and information easily accessible. He also discussed the plans for the next few years and some of the innovative remodels planned for San Diego. One of these includes the New Central Library, scheduled to open in 2013. With more than 400 computers for public access to provide teens and those of all ages with a place to study, learn, and thrive in the knowledge accessible to them.

This address was both motivating and inspiring. Mayor Sanders discussed what has been done to help improve our city, and what will be done in the future to make our city an even greater success than it is. He also alluded to Trevor Hoffman by saying, from this honorable San Diego pitcher: “we must learn fearlessness and how to “seal the deal.”