San Francisco, California

2012 San Francisco StateoftheCity

San Francisco mayor

Mayor Edwin Lee's Inauguration Address and StateoftheCity January 8, 2012

A year ago, I stood before you and humbly accepted the honor of serving as your interim mayor. It was a historic day in so many ways, a time of transition for our City, and a proud day, certainly for the Chinese community in San Francisco. When then-Mayor Newsom, members of the Board and others asked me to step up, there could be ...

Student Report 2012 San Francisco StateoftheCity

san francisco student

Students Report San Francisco StateoftheCity January 8, 2012

As I lined up to enter San Francisco’s majestic City Hall, I was greeted by a Chinese lion dancing group. Just inside were exhibitions of Mexican folk dancing, Hawaiian Hula, as well as jazz -- The Mayoral inauguration was set to be a diverse occasion. Although I’d arrived more than an hour early, the crowds were already pouring in, quickly filling the side...