San Jose, California

2012 San Jose StateoftheCity

San Jose mayor

Mayor Chuck Reed's StateOfTheCity February 9, 2012

Good evening. Welcome everyone.

Matt, thank you for the warm introduction and welcome to San Jose.

Jennifer and Jenny thanks for showcasing the great work of our honorees.

Congratulations to all of our honorees this evening: the community volunteers and city employees who were just recognized. Thank you for everything you do to make San José a great place to live, work and raise a family. Let’s give them another round of applause.

Student Report 2012 San Jose StateoftheCity

san jose student

Students Report San Jose StateoftheCity February 9, 2012

Thursday night, I had the honor to be before the mayor of San Jose while he delivered his address to the citizenry. I was impacted at such great introduction and how the guests had the opportunity to experience a spectacular mariachi band and folkloric dancing. No wonder San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley since the 1990’s; its diversity makes it a truly remarkable city.